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Meaghan Jackson of Joyful Mud Puddles is a Gentle Christian Parenting Coach.  She has taken her passion for bringing peaceful calm to family life and pairs that with her background in education to help parents become more confident and well equipped. Meaghan has a Bachelor of Education and Engineering along with several years of teaching experience at a private school. For the past 12 years, she has homeschooled her boys – taking a whole family approach that encompasses learning for each of their ages. Meaghan is a community builder and advocate, organizing events and leading classes. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, Meaghan understands the difficulties that many parents go through trying to juggle it all. Her family struggles and transformation is what led Meaghan to become a parenting coach because she desires for others for rediscover the joy in parenting. What better way to describe the messy, fun exciting life of a mom with three boys than Joyful Mud Puddles!

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It is okay to get angry. Anger is a natural response to injustice, or a trigger alerting us that something is wrong. Having feelings is totally normal.We often think of anger as a negative emotion that we should avoid, however anger comes up in the Bible many times. As caring people we should be outraged at the injustice, poverty, and suffering around us. Jesus responded in anger towards the ungodly attitudes and actions of others. (Matthew 21:12-13, and Mark 3:5) yet He was not an angry person, nor did He sin. We can learn from Jesus's response to anger. Firstly our anger should have a good and godly reason behind it. Here I mean things like injustice, poverty, oppression or hypocrisy. Getting angry just because you didn't get your own way is a response your child might have, but they are still growing and developing. Secondly our reaction should be appropriate. One that leads to action that will improve the situation not just acting in anger (sin). What we don't want is to stay angry, or to act upon that anger in a way that causes harm to ourselves or others. Anger is like a warning light that goes off and let's you know that something isn't right. Our goal then should be to find out what is the real message behind that anger.More resources about angerTalking about feelings with your familyFeelings wall youTubeSTOP Mindfulness MethodJoyful Mud Puddles Courses on EmotionsEmotion Coaching IntensiveJoyful Kids: My Big Feelings class for kidsResources MentionedSTOP, DROP, BREATHE Dr. Laura MarkhamKarol Ladd shares another acronym that is also effective in her book "A Positive Plan for Creating More Calm, Less Stress".Joyful Mud Puddles NewsletterMarshall Rosenberg Non Violent CommunicationMeta MentoringJoyful Mud Puddles Facebook Community
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