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Interview with Brooke Gordon – Health and Strategic Life Coach

In this interview with Brooke Gordon she shares about journaling and other easy to put into practice mindfulness strategies.

Brooke Gordon has many roles she is also is also a certified Health Coach and Strategic Life Coach with a private coaching practice that serves to raise funds for the Soroptimist Dream programs through the sale of workshops and self-study programs, such as My Best Self: How to empower Your life and Looking Back: How to succeed in a busy world.

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Three tips for your listeners:

My three tips are based on the framework I use for my coaching practice. I hope you find them helpful. 

Meals: eat more greens is good advice, but not everyone likes salad. A trick I adapted from a Jamie Oliver recipe is to place a handful of field greens or arugula on the plate before serving a hot meal. The heat of the food will wilt the greens which is a softer texture and easier is easier to digest. They will get naturally mixed into the food so not everyone will notice. It’s more convenient than having to make a separate salad – that’s one of the reasons my spouse likes to add them!

Movement: our bodies need to move to fully function – from our blood to our bowels and all the systems in between. Schedule some movement into your day (literally! I book an appointment in my calendar every day) and have fun. Play fosters creativity and improvisation – ideal skills for a working Mom. Have your kids join you in a “shake your sillies out” session, or race to the bottom of the driveway to collect the garbage bins. Let them be your guide.

Mindset: no matter how busy we are, our bodies keep breathing. It takes just one breath to practice self-care. The concept is called a micro-mediation. It’s an amazing tool for those times when you don’t have time to stop. All it takes is one breath. Just two seconds. Here’s how:

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We talked about how personal change requires hard work. Now, you can get the benefit of my signature coaching program, My Best Self: How to empower your life as a self study course and workbook – and at the same time you will be supporting the Soroptimist Live Your Dream Award and Dream it Be It career mentoring for girls programs:


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