How can I parent my child in a way that is effective and brings peace to the family?

  • Are you struggling with your children’s meltdowns?
  • Is the way you are currently parenting not working?
  • Sibling rivalry, fighting and whining getting you down?
  • Are your children pushing your buttons?
  • Do you find your kids don’t listen to you?
  • Are you struggling with setting limits?
  • Do you find dealing with our own issues to be overwhelming?

Many parents tell me that they want to change the way they parent, but they just don’t know how. Homes around the world are filled with:

  • Screaming, yelling, punishment, anger and despair.
  • Children who are throwing tantrums, fighting, being defiant and having emotional outbursts.
  • Parents realizing they are not getting anywhere and are backed into power struggles.
  • Parents who feel ineffective and give in.
  • Children who are perfectionists, prone to emotional outbursts or out of control.
  • Parents who are either too strict or too passive or guilty of swinging both ways in the same day.
  • Guilt, shame and anger from both parents and children.

Imagine your family life if you had

  • More control of your own emotions
  • Confidence as a parent
  • Deeper connection to children
  • Peaceful home life
  • Reassurance and comfort to know you are not alone
  • Joy in parenting
  • Alignment between your faith/values and your parenting
  • Everyone’s needs being addressed
  • Increased empathy

Imagine the family life of your dreams. 

I have the tools and information to coach you to become a more confident parent from the inside out.

A few years ago I was right where you are. I was weary from trying so hard but getting no where. I really wanted to things to be different but I didn’t know how to make lasting changes that would stick. I needed tools, I needed help. So I worked closely with a parenting coach. The impact was huge though the changes were small and doable. My family life isn’t perfect, we still have our off days. But, family life is much more peaceful and connected. I was so blessed and moved that I decided to become a parenting coach and change lives!

I am a certified Positive Discipline parenting educator and also hold a Bachelor of Education. 

I have also taken courses or workshops as a parent through:

  • Aha Parenting Peaceful Parent Happy Child
  • Simplicity Parenting
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Positive Discipline 

I am a life long learner who takes every opportunity to attend conferences and seminars related to the fields and topics I offer support in.  I have further plans to become certified by other great movements and am looking for more areas for growth. Through all of my training I constantly seek to ensure what I am learning is in line with God’s word.

What others are saying

I recently did a parenting role playing exercise with Meaghan through teleconferencing. I am not particularly good at role playing or teleconferencing but Meaghan was warm and encouraging. She definitely put me at ease!

Ellen Mother of two

Thank you so much for this post! Both encouraging and practical! I agree that children often do seem to mirror our moods. If I am grumpy, they are grumpy. If I am excited or happy, they generally are, too! Great post! 

Comment from blog post

We have joined a group run by Meaghan for nearly a year. I was touched by how honest, open and friendly Meaghan was right from the start. Meaghan is someone that I can count on for support when I am struggling in parenting. She has a very calming presence, and I always feel heard when I talk to her. Meaghan is also extremely resourceful. We are amazed by the activities she sets up every time when we meet, the natural play environment she creates is beautiful.

Ayesha Mother of two
These are my boys

My Parenting Style

The way I raise my children and interact with others is based on gentle, positive, connection based relationships. We are a Christian family, but I welcome and work with families of all beliefs and backgrounds. I work from home and have run several businesses over the years all while homeschooling my boys so I have a varied experience I can bring to the table. My desire is for us all to communicate with mutual respect, so that solutions can be found and deeper connections can be made.

If your family prefers a different way of parenting than what I am familiar with, please reach out to me anyways and I will do my best to connect you with other resources and people to meet your needs.

During our meetings I have discovered that experiential activities (such as role play and discussions) have a more profound impact than just lecturing or reading course material. I will be sharing relevant research and information along with tools and strategies for practical real change. In group sessions there will be an opportunity to learn from other parents experiences.

I have spoken to many families about their top priorities for their families and connection, relationships, family values/beliefs, and showing love to others always come out on top.  Let’s focus on your priorities and smooth out the bumps that are preventing your family from thriving. If this sounds like the sort of guidance and support you desire contact me. I’d love to help you move towards your goals.

Here is what I offer

If you want to make some definite changes, or have specific needs that require more attention individual and group sessions are offered. Each session is unique as it relates to what is alive for you at the moment.

Joyful Parenting Course and Group Coaching

  • Free intake call
  • Weekly group coaching calls for 12 weeks
  • Course website with videos, journaling, and resources
  • Private Facebook group with unlimited support
  • Bonus training sessions with parenting experts
  • Discount on taking this course again

Individual Coaching Calls

Not quite ready to commit to several week of coaching?

Do you have a specific struggle that you’d like some help with?

Let’s chat together and help, move you forward towards joy and peace in your family.

1 on 1 coaching includes 3 calls spaced out over one month with follow-up emails.

Group Workshops and Public Speaking

Gather your friends, co-workers or get a group together for an engaging workshop. Some topics that others have asked for include:

  • Intro to Positive parenting
  • Filling your parenting tool box
  • Self regulation
  • Emotion Coaching
  • Connecting with your child
  • Gentle parenting and homeschooling
  • Book studies on a variety of books I am familiar with

You gather a group of people together and split for a workshop and any related resources I provide.

Life is not always easy. We need community, support and encouragement. We need a village. I would be honoured to be part of your support system. I desire to come along side to help you and your family.

What makes me unique is that I am able to help you with what is going on with your family as a whole. Rather than just addressing one area of your life we can look at how to support multiple needs.

More ways to connect