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Late Fall Foraging Story

Late fall foraging is a great activity to do with your child. Enjoy another story with Christopher the squirrel along with some extension activities.


Christopher woke up and snuggled deeper into his nest.  It was a chilly day. Winter was setting in, he could feel it. “I do hope it doesn’t snow today,” Christopher said to himself, “I am not quite ready.”

After a breakfast of warm acorn coffee and walnut bread, he wrapped a warm scarf around his neck and headed out to gather more nuts for the long winter ahead. “I’d better gather some more moss and leaves to make my home cozy too.” And off he went with his little bag slung over his shoulder.

Deep in the forest, the wind wasn’t so strong. Christopher searched and gathered nuts, berries, moss, and leaves until his little bag was bulging. Feeling tired and hungry he sat down on a log for a snack. As he did so he heard a muffled noise coming from within the log. Christopher peered inside to see a fluffy white tail. “hello? Are you okay?” Christopher asked.

“Oh, Christopher. It’s you! I’m so glad you are here,” replied the creature in the log. I was his good friend Abigail the rabbit. “I’ve got myself stuck in here.”

“Oh goodness, how did that happen?” Christopher inquired.

With a deep sigh, Abigail recounted her story. She had been out looking for seeds and berried to store for the winter and discovered some delicious mushrooms growing from the log. Abigail noticed that there were more inside and crawled in to gather them. That is when she noticed that the hole in the log was smaller than she had imagined. Luckily Christopher happened to be in the right place at the right time.

“Hold tight Abigail. I’ll get you out.” And with that Christopher pulled on her feet with all his strength. Abigail pushed against the sides of the log while Christopher pulled and pulled. “Okay, one more try,” he called.

 And suddenly they popped out of the log and into a pile of leaves. Abigail still had the mushrooms, which she shared with her friend.

“Thank you, Christopher, you are such a good friend, “ Abigail said as she gave him a hug.

Together the two friends made their way back through the forest, gathering more food as they went. At home, Abigail carefully placed her mushrooms in the cellar of her burrow, while Christopher hid his nuts and berries in the hole of a nearby oak tree. As Abigail sorted her nuts and berries into baskets she felt so grateful to have good friends like Christopher around.

Extension activities

Learn more about:

  • winter and fall foraging
  • what squirrels eat
  • what rabbits eat
  • animal homes

Baking: Find a foraging recipe

Nature: See what you can forage, look for animals, see if you can find animal homes

Craft: Rabbit puppet in paper cup or make a nature-collecting bag

Art: look up squirrel with nuts by Joseph Decker

Creative: paint, draw or model a scene from the story

Game: Hide and seek with small objects, hunt for “acorns”

Poems: Fall poems from Out and About by Shirley Hughes

Autumn Noon

by George Hill

All was so still that I could almost count
The tinklings of the falling leaves. At times,
Perchance, a nut was heard to drop, and then—
As if it had slipp’d from him as he struck
The meat—a squirrel’s short and fretful bark.
Anon, a troop of noisy, roving jays,
Whisking their gaudy topknots, would surprise
And seize upon the top of some tall tree,
Shrieking, as if on purpose to enjoy
The consternation of the noontide stillness.


  • Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth (Matthew 6:19-20)
  • A friend loves at all times (Proverbs 17:17)
  • Friend’s lower man through roof (Matthew 9:1-8)
  • John the Baptist ate locust and wild honey (Mark 1:6)

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