Do your kids explode over the smallest things? Do they have huge meltdowns? Are you struggling to help them learn coping skills?

Children are often told by adults to “take a deep breath” or “calm down” without knowing what that really looks and feels like.

Wouldn’t it be great if they could learn from other kids? Peer mentors will help demonstrate and lead your kids in activities to help with coping skills, growth mindset, and what to do when they get upset.

The Joyful Kids Club

An emotion coaching course design for children to learn from peer mentors. Through video demonstrations, at home activities and weekly zoom calls your child will learn more about coping skills, emotional intelligence, growth mindset, self care, and self-regulation.

Benefits for your children (and the whole family)

  • Peer-led demonstrations of coping skills that really work
  • Activities to help them really thing more about their emotions
  • A sense of belonging with others who sometimes struggle with their behaviour and frustration
  • Techniques that help with self regulation
  • Accountability to keep practicing and improving in these skills
  • Community support
  • Problem solving help from peers and an adult mentor
  • Adult monitor for zoom calls and Facebook group
  • Support and guidance for parents too

What is included

  • 6 weeks with a new topic each week
  • Modules on a course website with lessons, videos, and activities
  • Weekly zoom call for check-in support and problem solving
  • Private Facebook group families to connect, share, learn together.
  • Price $250 SALE $150

Next Session will begin in Late September.

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Is this course online?

Yes this is an online offering open to anyone worldwide. Just be sure to check your timezone and prices.

How much does it cost?

The price is $250 CAD per family. We are offering a huge sale of $150 If you are from another country PayPal will adjust the cost accordingly. If your family is struggling with the cost, please contact me for more information about financial aide.

What if we have more than one child?

No worries! You can enrol the whole family for one price! We figure you’ll be working together and sharing a computer anyways.

Do I need any special programs?

You will need the internet, and zoom along with the ability to open a PDF file. The course work is in MemberVault and you will be given a login and password to access that online. Videos are all from YouTube.

What age is best for the Joyful Kids Club?

Younger children and emerging readers will need to work with a parent. Ideally ages 6-12 will benefit the most but older and younger kids will learn a lot too.

If this program is for kids, is it safe? Who else has access?

Any family who joins the Joyful Kids Club will have access to the Facebook Group and Zoom calls. Both of which are led by Meaghan Jackson of Joyful Mud Puddles. Parents are welcome to sit in and be active along with their children. The modules from the class are not interactive with other families, those are just for your family.

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