Do you ever feel bogged down by the day to day grind of every day life? Parenting is hard even without a crazy global pandemic going on. Motherhood should not be difficult or draining.

If you are seeking more joy and peace in your home, you are in the right place my friend.

God wants you to experience His peace and be filled with joy. You are more than just a mom. You are the daughter of the Most High! Your relationship with The Lord is reflected in your relationship with your children.

Joyful Motherhood is a collection of 31 daily devotionals for mothers. But not just any mom. No, I wrote these devotionals with you in mind. A mom who cares deeply for her children and strives to be gentle and peaceful in her approach. A woman who seeks the Lord with all her heart and desires to grow in her relationship with Him.

Joyful Motherhood is now available on Kindle and Amazon.

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What others are saying

What I liked about what you have created is the format. You start with a verse, learn about it and then end with questions. Also you are teaching them about being Christ followers, not just being a wife and mom. You are focusing on the most important things in life - the mom's relationship with God. Showing her who she actually is, why she was created - not just as a mom because that role will end/lessen as her kids leave the house.


I really like it and find that your thoughts are well written, thought provoking, gentle and encouraging, and easy to personalize. I love when you share your stories of having a bad day and how you overcame. I love the perspective that you don't have to go with how everyone else does it (new concept there!) and that there is a different way to achieve results! The devotionals aren't too long so a mom can take the time to read it without feeling like she needs 30 min of alone time to accomplish it.


This book is a lovely read. Just the thing for a quiet cup of tea while your littles are resting. It is full of encouraging devotionals that really reflect the beauty and chaos of motherhood. Love this book! I know I'll go back to it again and again.


“I believed I was a patient person and could handle children.” What a profoundly true statement. I’m thankful that you’ve written a devotional that addresses moms who find themselves in that place. I read a lot of devotionals and bible studies as a proofreader for self-publishers. And sometimes they aren’t great, and sometimes they are amazing. The relationship with our children can be so difficult. You can love them so much and be so annoyed or angry at the same time. It’s such a weird dynamic. Thank you Meaghan Jackson, Parenting Coach, for writing something that talks to this.


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