Hey moms, don’t you hate it when the holiday season hit and you feel totally unprepared?

Is your child going to have a meltdown on Christmas day again this year?

What are you going to say to that meddling aunt?

How are you going to fit in all the holiday things you want to do and still have time for work, kids, school, and maybe even relax a little?

You’ve been busy with kids, school, work and life up until now and then all of a sudden you feel blind sided by the added family events, meltdowns and pressure to have the picture perfect holiday!
Does your family get all excited about the season so you pour all your energy into making it fabulous only to end the year exhausted and disappointed?

STOP PANICKING! We are going to make this your best holiday season yet!

Learn tips and strategies to help manage the overwhelm. Create a vision for your family this season, and be proactive to create more peace during the holidays.

This 4 week group coaching is open to those mothers who want to create more JOY and PEACE in their homes.

You’ll come away with:

  • Strategies to prevent those holiday meltdowns (and how to handle it if one should occur)
  • Specific action steps to simplify your holidays so you can focus on what is most important
  • A framework to deal with difficult family members (we’ll even practice what to say)
  • A clear plan for your holiday season and the right mindset to enjoy it!

You’ll leave feeling more prepared and confident, ready to enjoy this busy time of year with your family.

Contact me today to chat more about making this a true season of JOY!

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