If I were to describe my life it would be busy!

I used to feel overwhelmed with the chaos of being a mom, business owner, entrepreneur and homeschooler with three very active boys. I was barley treading water trying to keep up with all the needs pulling me in different directions. It felt like one long never ending blur of a day.

Now that busy life brings me joy. I am so thankful for all the opportunities and blessings in my life. How I made that incredible transformation is a longer story that you can read here where I share why I became a parenting coach.

I am so thrilled to be meeting you. I am Meaghan Jackson of Joyful Mud Puddles a gentle parenting coach.  My practice focuses more on empathy, connection and problem-solving. I have taken my passion for bringing peaceful calm to family life and paired that with my background in education to help parents become more confident and well equipped.

I have a Bachelor of Education and Engineering along with several years of teaching experience at a private school. For the past 12 years, I have homeschooled my three boys building community, advocating, organizing events and leading classes. In addition to homeschooling I am a working mother. My husband and I own an electrical business, and I am a parenting coach. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, I understand the difficulties that many parents go through trying to juggle it all. .My family struggles and transformation is what led me to become a parenting coach because I desires for you to rediscover the joy in parenting. What better way to describe the messy, fun exciting life of a mom with three boys than Joyful Mud Puddles!