S1E12 Interview with Zara Fagen Minimalist Homeschooling

On the Podcast we talk about:
Advice to get started
What does minimalist homeschooling look like
Handling multiple kids in your homeschooling
Getting clear on what you value most
Why it’s important to also focus on what your child loves
Tips for new homeschoolers
Shifting your mindset

See the full blog post here: http://joyfulmudpuddles.blogspot.com/2020/08/minimalist-homeschooling-podcast.html

Zara Fagen, PhD firmly believes that you don’t have to choose between educational success and sanity while homeschooling – you can have both by decluttering your child’s education.  

Zara applies her unique brand of analysis and reproducible results that she gained as a neurobiologist to teach other homeschoolers how to be awesome at homeschooling, instead of trying to be it all. 

Zara keeps things as simple as possible in Indiana with her husband, 4 children, and 3 businesses.  She is a recovering perfectionist, proud science geek, and aspiring snowbird.

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