E1E11 Interview with Kristie Burns – Waldorf Education and Earthschooling Curriculum

In this episode we talk all about Waldorf Education.
How Earthschooling got started
What is Waldofr education?
How to teach multiple children
And advice for new homeschoolers

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Kristie is the Dean of Students and Director of Curriculum Development at Earthschooling

Dr. Kristie Burns, Mh, ND, Ph.D. has an BA in Anthropology and Linguistics from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. She holds a masters and doctorate degree in plant biology and Naturopathy. She was trained as an early childhood Waldorf teacher and as an early-childhood Montessori assistant. Kristie has also attended and taught at numerous Waldorf Education Conferences from 1998 to 2009. Kristie worked as a private tutor from 1989 to 1995 and was an ESL tutor, and photography instructor at the American University in Cairo from 1991-1993.

Kristie taught classes and served as the director at a Waldorf-inpired Enrichment School in an International community for four years and at a Waldorf-inspired Enrichment School in Iowa for an additional six years. Kristie Burns has been creating Waldorf-inspired curriculum with a consulting board of professional Waldorf teachers since 1994. Kristie is also a Certified Wildlife Educator through the ZAA. Earthschooling was the first Waldorf curriculum to be offered online. When Earthschooling first started Kristie was advised against even trying to put Waldorf education online and was told that nobody would be interested in an online version of Waldorf education.

Her three children are now grown. Her eldest daughter is near completion of her Masters in Social Work degree and currently manages www.WaldorfBooks.com while also helping her run Earthschooling with an extended group of contractors and staff. Her youngest daughter writes music and stories and is pursuing a music career in LA after soaking up years of storytelling and music in her mom’s Waldorf classes. Her son is an accomplished electrician’s apprentice who loves creating and building things with his hands and can build almost anything once given the idea and a few instructions.

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