S1E7 Interview with Sasha Walsh Adaptive Yoga

The magic of breathing to help calm your child. Join me and Sasha Walsh for a fantastic conversation about adaptive yoga and the secret magic of breath work.

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About Sasha Walsh
Sasha is an accessible yoga teacher working with special needs children. Sasha was born with a rare genetic disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – Hypermobility subtype (hEDS). This is a connective tissue disorder which causes all her joints to be extra mobile and dislocate easily. She is a RAD classically trained ballet dancer, who at 17 was told she had to stop dancing because of hEDS’s effects on her knees. At the age of 19 she was diagnosed with ADHD and generalized anxiety, while in first year University.
It wasn’t until her first pregnancy that she was introduced to yoga in a format that was safe and comfortable for her, and once she found that, she didn’t look back. She continues to use yoga to cope with her hypermobility, her pregnancies, and everyday life. When her son was welcomed into the world, they discovered he was within the Autism spectrum. Sasha found herself called to offer him, all special needs children and their caregivers the tools of yoga to help them find ways of coping with the overwhelming symptoms and behaviors. This was furthered when her daughter was diagnosed with hEDS and OI-Type 1 (brittle bone).
Since then Sasha has gone on to offer accessible yoga teacher training programs and parent workshops in the hopes of inspiring more people to offer these concepts to children and others differently abled.
Sasha is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher RYT® 500 specializing in Accessible Yoga for children. She serves in communities where people feel they are not able to participate in yoga classes and are missing out on the many benefits of this practice. She creates unique accessible yoga programs that are infused with different therapy styles, play and breath work.
Sasha has designed programs for private students & community classes with a focus on the students’ intentions and goals. She also offers inspiring Mentor Programs for yoga teachers who are interested or curious about bringing the art of yoga to underserved communities and special populations.

Contact Sasha www.jaiyogis.com

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