Discover How to Get Your Child To Listen (Without Having to Yell)

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Calm the chaos

You are busy with work, caring for your children, home and more. Too many days are busy and feel like you just can't get a handle on things. You may even be feeling torn between work obligations and wanting to spend more time with your kids. Let's move your family life from overwhelm and frustration towards confidence and peace.

A solution for every family

Let's take the first steps towards a positive change. First we will take some time to talk about what your current struggles are in your parenting. Then determine what coaching or courses will offer the biggest transformation for your family. I will provide you with tools, strategies, and guidance as we will work together, step-by-step, to rediscover that joy you've been searching for.

Meet your coach

It is such a pleasure to meet you. I am Meaghan Jackson the founder of Joyful Mud Puddles. My parenting coaching is focused on supporting working parents who need to have things running smoothly at home so they can focus at work and still enjoy special time with their family. I uses a combination of experiential activities, and gentle parenting techniques while working with families both online and in person. I also have a podcast and blog about life, parenting and homeschooling with my three adventurous boys. 

I specialize in

  • Helping working parents establish routines that work for your busy family
  • Showing you how to manage meltdowns and big emotions from your kids
  • Giving parents the tools they need to communicate better with their children and create closer connections
  • Supporting your journey from yelling, shouting, and punishments to problem-solving, guidance, and self-regulation

What others are saying

Meaghan! I appreciate the calming, welcoming, and open atmosphere you create. You seem to resonate innate learning, inquisitiveness, and fun.

Mom of two

You have done a wonderful job providing families with practical doable tips to help make home-lives calmer an to encourage families to function more as a team. Love your passion and caring ways.


You are a gift from God and immediately after our call I had hope and new steps to take.


Imagine going through your work day without worrying about the latest meltdowns from your kids.

Now stop dreaming and make this a reality

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