40+ Ways to Explore Nature with Children

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Exploring Nature

Nature is abounding with wonder and awe. The outdoors is just waiting for you to go out and explore. Nature is healing, connecting and inspiring. Joyful Mud Puddles is here to support you and your family discover joy, learning and fun with nature.

Meet Meaghan Jackson

It is such a pleasure to meet you. I am Meaghan Jackson the founder of Joyful Mud Puddles. I am passionate about exploring the incredible world God created, and encouraging families with ideas and activities to enjoy being outside. I uses a combination of experiential activities, and gentle parenting techniques while working with families both online and in person. I also have a podcast and blog about life, parenting and homeschooling with my three adventurous boys. 

What others are saying

Meaghan! I appreciate the calming, welcoming, and open atmosphere you create. You seem to resonate innate learning, inquisitiveness, and fun.

Mom of two

You have done a wonderful job providing families with practical doable tips to help make home-lives calmer an to encourage families to function more as a team. Love your passion and caring ways.