Meaghan Jackson of Joyful Mud Puddles is a Parenting and Homeschool Coach and an avid blogger.  She has taken her passion for bringing peaceful calm to family life and pairs that with her background in education to help parents become more confident and well equipped. Meaghan has a Bachelor of Education and Engineering along with several years of teaching experience at a private school. For the past 12 years, she has homeschooled her boys – taking a whole family approach that encompasses learning for each of their ages. Meaghan is a community builder and advocate, organizing events and leading classes. As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, Meaghan understands the difficulties that many parents go through trying to juggle it all. Her family struggles and transformation is what led Meaghan to become a Parenting Coach because she desires for others for rediscover the joy in parenting. What better way to describe the messy, fun exciting life of a mom with three boys than Joyful Mud Puddles!


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Challenges facing peaceful parents Joyful Mud Puddles

This episode covers what peaceful parenting is, and common challenges parents face. I also share some helpful tips to help you to keep going. You'll learn about the importance of self care, connection, cooperation, setting limits, communication with your family, and more.Joyful Mud Puddleswww.joyfulmudpuddles.comBlogwww.joyfulmudpuddles.blogspot.comYouTube Group
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  3. Alternative strategies to punishments and rewards
  4. Welcome to the Joyful Mud Puddles Podcast

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Trying to balance work and homeschooling and entertaining your kids plus the stress of leaving the house for essentials is exhausting and frustrating.  As a parenting coach I’m offering a special group session:

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