I am here to support your whole family in discovering more peace and joy in your lives. These courses are my heart’s offerings of support.

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Peace for the Weary Mom

$347 for 4 week course available online at the moment

Group Workshops

Gather your friends, co-workers or get a group together for an engaging workshop. Some topics that others have asked for include:
Intro to Positive parenting
Filling your parenting tool box
Self regulation
Emotion Coaching
Connecting with your child
Book Study on parenting or homeschooling
Learning styles
Homeschool methods
Getting started with homeschooling
Getting past workbooks and busywork
How to create a community group or co-op

You gather a group of people together and split the cost for the workshop and any related resources I provide. Workshops are usually 1.5 hours

$200 only available online at the moment

More courses coming soon

Upcoming courses topics include: emotion coaching for the whole family, and self regulation for parents.

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